Dienstag, 8. Dezember 2015

Adventskalender - Tag 8

My favorite covered 5SOS' songs / Meine Lieblingscover von 5SOS' Songs
I claim no credit for any videos posted. If you own any of the content and wish for it to be removed, please just comment down below and I will take it down immediately. 

Schreibt doch vielleicht mal eure Lieblingscover in die Kommentare! :)

Andrew Foy: Jet Black Heart - Fingerstyle Guitar Cover

Ed Sheeran - She Looks So Perfect

Kat Marlow - If You Don't Know Piano Cover

Troye Sivan - Heartbreak Girl

Cat Grace - Vapor

Lisa Bakker - The Girl Who Cried Wolf

Kimmi Smiles ft. Jordan Clarey - Heartbreak Girl

Lauren Bonnell - Wherever You Are

Daniel J - She Looks So Perfect

Chris Brenner - She's Kinda Hot

The Tide - Hey Everbody!

Halsey - Out Of My Limit

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